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Pool Service Martinez CA

Pool Service Martinez CAFrom full-service swimming pool cleaning and monthly maintenance to individual service calls, Using state of the art chemistry test kits Clear Waters provides the highest level of professionalism and quality swimming pool care in Martinez, CA.

Whether we handle your entire swimming pool maintenance program or only cleaning/chemicals, we offer the safest services around at competitive prices. If you are seeking a swimming pool company that will allow you to safely enjoy your swimming pool without the worries, seek no further than Clear Waters Swimming Pool and Spa Service.

Searching for the right swimming pool company can be a hassle. Clear Waters can pledge not only will you receive our professional qualified work but you will also receive a peace of mind. Member of the United Pool Association, Clear Waters is up to date and certified to meet your needs.

Pool Service Martinez CALet our experts do the job! With our swimming pool & spa service plans you will always be able to enjoy your swimming pool without the stress or worries.

As the leader in the Bay Area in swimming pool service and repairs Clear Waters can do it all!  From skimmer  replacements to automation and pump repairs, Clear Waters specializes in most all aspects of swimming pool and spa repairs. When your swimming pool or spa is in need of special attention you can waste countless funds searching for what may seem  to be endless cause to your issue or source of your swimming pool or spa problem. Clear Waters can assure that you will receive the specialized attention needed with the highest quality of work at the most cost efficient solution possible. If we can’t do it, there is a chance that it simply can’t be done.

Clear Waters Swimming Pool and Spa is a company devoted to producing the community with the highest level of service. Putting our clients first in every circumstance, leaving every client satisfied. Clear Waters believes in building a safe and trustful relationship one pool at a time.
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